Porno: Was ich wünschte als kleiner Junge gewusst zu haben (mit deutschen Untertiteln)

Nick Vitellaro behandelt in seinem „Spoken Word“ die Abhängigkeit von Pornografie, wie er sie selbst erlebt hat. Dabei schreibt er fiktiv einen Brief an sich selbst, als er noch ein kleiner Junge war – bevor er das erstemal mit Pornografie konfrontiert wurde. In ergreifender Weise beschreibt er, was er sich wünschte damals gewusst zu haben bevor er diese Tür öffnete.

Sincerely Freedom // Spoken Word // Nick Vitellaro – I wrote this piece because I wanted to address the topic of pornography and addiction. A priority from the start was to be real, raw, and relatable. The best way to do this was to share my story, but I wanted to do it in a unique way. So basically, the concept of the poem is me writing a letter to myself when I was first exposed to porn. It is me telling myself what I wish I would have known before I opened that door. My hope is that this poem highlights the goodness of Jesus over the bondage of pornography. The sincere freedom is that which is found in Jesus. My hope for this poem is that it would spark conversation in churches, small groups, and families about addictions to porn. I pray that my vulnerability inspires others to really address the issue of porn, and recognize the freedom Jesus brings to the table.
Porn Kills, Jesus Saves.

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