Hope’N’Anchor – Forgotten (Lift Your Eyes)

Hope`N`Anchor 2004

R. If you´re down and forgotten by all
If you feel like the peole´s dirt
Then lift your eyes upon the man
who´s hated by the world

R. When all seems lost and nothings sure
when darkness seems to win
then lift your eyes upon the man
who carried all your sins

R. When wind as cold as ice
begins to blow into your face
then lift your eyes upon the man
who fighted all His days

1. If people hate you, curse on you
if they are telling lies
then lift you eyes upon the man
who will come back and rise

2. When the lights go out and the fear creeps in
when everybodys gone
then lift your eyes upon the man
who was dyin´ all alone

3. If You don´t know Your purpose
If You don´t know Your way
Come blind as You are
and walk with Jesus everyday

4. You don´t´ve to know all the secrets
neither small one´s nor the great
but Jesus knows all the tears You cried
and all the words You said

5. Just like the rivers rollin´
Your way is not to see
but Jesus leads You on and on
that´s good enough for You and me

6. When you feel loved and save in his arms
when you feel clean and free
then lift your eyes upon the man
who left heaven for you and me

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