Total merkwürdig!

Merkwürdig, wie leicht es Menschen fällt, Gott zu leugnen… und dann sich zu wundern warum die Welt zur Hölle fährt. – Merkwürdig, dass wir glauben können was in der Zeitung steht, aber anzweifeln was in der Bibel steht. – Merkwürdig, dass jeder …

Hope’N’Anchor – King of Kings

2007 by Hope´N´Anchor

1. He had no titles
and He had no throne
they had no room for him
when he was born

He had no wife
no golden crown
the foxes have holes
but he had no place to lay his head down

He had no house
nor silver and gold
but for a little silver
he got sold

R: But he had words
nobody ever heard before
and everybody knew God´s realm
was knockin´at the door

He had love
so mighty and so pure
that the sinners and the sick
felt that he was their cure

He had mercy with the bound
and with the one´s in need
who could´t give nothin
and he set them free

2. He had no beauty
He had no pride
he had no servants
no horse to ride

He had no arms
no army to command
his weapons were truth and love
and a givin´ hand

He had no slaves
and He didn´t kill
he became a servant and
gave up his own will

R: He had truth so powerful
for the hippocrites and scribes
and some repented
and he changed their lifes

He had forgiveness for sinners
for everyone who saw his guilt
and he carried our sins
to the cross so still

He had hope for the hopeless
and light for the blind
and justice for the weak
eternal life who wants to find it

3. He had only one robe
and thorns were his crown
but fishermen followed him
turned the world upside down

He had words
they didn´t forget
so much greater than everything
that has been said

R. He had one life
and he gave it away
that many can be saved
on that very last day

He had one life to give
and he gave it away
that you and me can be saved
on that very last day