Hope’N’Anchor – Forgotten (Lift Your Eyes)

Hope`N`Anchor 2004

R. If you´re down and forgotten by all
If you feel like the peole´s dirt
Then lift your eyes upon the man
who´s hated by the world

R. When all seems lost and nothings sure
when darkness seems to win
then lift your eyes upon the man
who carried all your sins

R. When wind as cold as ice
begins to blow into your face
then lift your eyes upon the man
who fighted all His days

1. If people hate you, curse on you
if they are telling lies
then lift you eyes upon the man
who will come back and rise

2. When the lights go out and the fear creeps in
when everybodys gone
then lift your eyes upon the man
who was dyin´ all alone

3. If You don´t know Your purpose
If You don´t know Your way
Come blind as You are
and walk with Jesus everyday

4. You don´t´ve to know all the secrets
neither small one´s nor the great
but Jesus knows all the tears You cried
and all the words You said

5. Just like the rivers rollin´
Your way is not to see
but Jesus leads You on and on
that´s good enough for You and me

6. When you feel loved and save in his arms
when you feel clean and free
then lift your eyes upon the man
who left heaven for you and me

Run (Jesaja 40,31) – After The Chase

Run (Isaiah 40:31)
by Nathan & Jenna Strong, © 2003 GardenWatch Publishing

Verse 1
I want to run deep into Your presence
Until there’s nothing left of me
'Till my desires are all melted down
And You are all I want to be

Verse 2
I want to run fast into Your compassion
Where Your grace will set me free
And my heart will know Your mercy
And Your love will rule in me

I want to run, run, run…run and not grow weary
I want to walk, walk, walk…walk and not grow faint
I want to soar on wings like eagles
You will renew my strength
I want to run…I want to run

Verse 1
Verse 2

Verse 3
I want to run far along Your pathway
Until my legs carry me no more
'Till You give me eagles wings
And with Your spirit I can soar


Bridge 1
Make my running steps into a dance that’s what these legs are for
My eyes long for Your radiance, I need You more and more
The shadow of Your mercy is more than I can bear
My lips are all consumed by You, each word I know You’re there

Bridge 2
Your fire rages through the night, You let me sing my song
No gift of voice without You
So I come before Your throne, I’m faded and weighed down
But I know that You will renew my strength
So for Your kingdom I will, I will
For Your kingdom I will, I will
For Your kingdom I will, I will

Sonshine – Ross Walters

There's a light that's shining on me, makes my heart a melody
S-O-N-S-H-I-N-E Sonshine
Even in the midnight hour I feel Your light I feel Your power
I am like a sunflower always facing toward you
After the rain the sun will break through, rising with healing, healing in His wings
Release your pain as His warmth touches you, warming your bones, making you whole again
My doubts can obscure the sun, I know I'm not the only one, to feel down when the evening comes. Where's my lifeline?
In the darkness you hear my cries. I photosynthesize. Bathing me in heavenly light, Sonshine
(repeat chorus)
Everyday the same story. The whole world is full of His glory. Dark clouds tried to bring me down. But in my mind a happy sound
Son of God there is no one above Thee. I have your word that you'll always love me. Though the devil tries to push and shove me I'll be just fine.
(repeat chorus)

You Are With Me – Tina Osborn


I lie down, in pastures green
Lead me to still waters
Guide me in, Your righteousness
Re – store my soul
Though I walk through the valley
I will fear no evil

For You are with me, You are with me
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord
You are with me, You are with me
And I will dwell with You, O Lord, forever

www.TinaOsborn.com (free mp3+Chord/LeadSheets)

You Never Know – The Grace Project

You never know where you will be
In a year or two or three
Lord, don't let me waste this day

Will my circumstance be good?
Or will I be misunderstood?
Lord, don't let me waste this day

If my visit to this rock in space
Should end before I wake
I wanna know I've made a lasting mark
For your sake

You never know where you will be
In a minute, two or three
Lord, don't let me waste
Help me find my place
Lord, don't let me waste this day…

© Grandma Katherine's Music (BMI)

Weiß ich den Weg auch nicht – Hedwig von Redern

1. Weiß ich den Weg auch nicht, du weißt ihn wohl; das macht die Seele still und friedevoll. Ist’s doch umsonst, dass ich mich sorgend müh, dass ängstlich schlägt das Herz, sei’s spät, sei’s früh.

2. Du weißt den Weg ja doch, du weißt die Zeit, dein Plan ist fertig schon und liegt bereit. Ich preise dich für deiner Liebe Macht, ich rühm die Gnade, die mir Heil gebracht.

3. Du weißt, woher der Wind so stürmisch weht, und du bebietest ihm, kommst nie zu spät. Drum wart ich still, dein Wort ist ohne Trug; du weißt den Weg für mich – das ist genug.

Hedwig von Redern 1866-1936

"Jesaja 41, 10" – Reed Nelson

"So do not fear for I am with you, do not be dismayed.
For I am your God I will strengthen and help you I will uphold you with my right righteous hand."

"Fürchte dich nicht, ich bin mit dir; weiche nicht, denn ich bin dein Gott. Ich stärke dich, ich helfe dir auch, ich halte dich durch die rechte Hand meiner Gerechtigkeit. "

Copyright 2003 R.A.N.2HIM Music
Permission granted to download and share with others.