Hope’N’Anchor – Free

1. I rack my brain
instead of crying
no complain
no more lying
No other way
no way to go
no place to stay
and I sing so

It´s morning again
another day
it´s morning again
I go your way
It´s morning again
I feel so free
It´s morning again

2. Out of Home
back to the world
not alone
free like a bird
upon your wings
I´ll fly up high
and my heart sings
loudly to the sky


3. Raised out of death
back to life
take a deep breath
I will survive
to worship you
my Lord and Saviour
I´ll sing unto
in heaven I see you

Refrain 2
It´s morning again
you rose from the grave
It´s morning again
I´m no more slave
It´s morning again
I´m really free
I praise you Lord
for your victory

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