Hallelujah – The Rock Church Worship Band

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Please listen to these songs, tell your friends. But don't forget what is important!!! GOD LOVES YOU! HE SEEKS YOU! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ACCEPT HIS GIFT BY ASKING HIM INTO YOUR HEART AND INTO YOUR LIFE!


Verse 1:
One thing I might ask of you Lord
Just one more thing I might seek
Is to live in Your house with you
All the days of my life.
To gaze on the beauty of You
And hope that I might see Your face
To dance in Your mercy and truth
And rest in Your grace

Verse 2
As I trip on my foolish mistakes
Oh my God You're my only Life line
First my heart bend and bows and then breaks
Then I'm covered with You
You have placed me on steady ground
and exalted my humble plea
I have felt You Lord stretching Your voice
You first loved me

My God of all glory can thunder
And Your voice can twist raging seas
You've spoken with flashes of lightening
But You're talking in whispers to me.

Words and Music by: Steele Croswhite
© 2003 Steele Croswhite


  1. ryan

    hi, i have been looking for more info about this band “rock church worship band” but i could not find any on the internet. i was hoping you could help me. of course, i wanted to buy copies of their album although i already have copies of their songs like, completely, lay me down, right where im standing, salvation, seek me, heartbeat & so on… i really like their music & i want to show my support. also, im interested on lyrics with chords for worship purpose…appreciate if you could help,,,,thanks & god bless


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