Listen to the true stories of 3 individuals who realized their total inability and God’s infinite strength.

Here are the Lyrics for those of you not accustomed to Rap Music:

Gotta be the prophet, priest, provider, protector of
My Home, my wifey and the kid I gotta step it up
But I can’t step it up, my flesh is wrecking stuff
I need the strength of the Lord to come and rev me up
He got me serving my family leading them into worship
patiently preaching with passion pleased to be in His service
I’m weak as a servant yet I seem to be working
Under the power of His name His strength is emerging
Not nervous He gives me boldness when I grip the mic
spitting Christ, committed willing to give my life
Like, you see me walking in the steps of Jesus
explaining Christ to the world we call that exegesis
Sin come my way but isn’t gonna get a brother twisted up now
I’m a temple of The Lord, picking up my sword
giving up the riches for the cross then I’m getting that crown
living for the risen no pretending I’m down
out the prison of my sinning now the Spirit abounds
Not a victim but a winner When His bigger strength enters
I be feeling the victory this is profound NOW

yeah you got the money in ya pocket
walk into the clinic like it’s the only option
adoption doesn’t solve it, cause you don’t want to carry it
this is so embarrasing, you say its not fair I’m just
16 I’m scared to give my parents this big news
I swear they’ll flip I’m very sick and feel used
Me raising a child I can’t cope with it
but listen up 30 years from now girl you still won’t be over this
You in the waiting room, pending this baby’s doom
He or she is not an it God placed life in ya womb
No Lil mama you can be a mama
God can be the father and He will make you stronger
You walk down the hallway you bout to murder this
unborn child who really deserves a turn to live
I call  it compassionate they call it conservative
she turns around and trust in God and now they both are serving Him

On my last album you heard about my mama
you heard about the drama probably thought she was a goner
you wrong bruh Now in Christ my mama’s stronger
she aint enslaved to the liquor bottle any longer
God brought my mama back, this is restoration
You can bet I’m praising Jesus for Her destination
When I look at Her I know that God is real
Her old ways disappeared  david copperfield
Shes living proof that Jesus rose from the dead
use to let the alcohol Go to the head
now she living for her savior and she knows what He said
She on that living water and Psalms 40 instead
Yeah, so when they offer a drink
while she’s feeling down  and they calling her weak
they got the alcohol and they promise it’s sweet
she looks em in the eyes and says God is my strength 

Josiah Ad – Meet Josiah. An ordinary young man, with an extraordinary story.


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